City sightseeing Johannesburg- A must see!

City sightseeing Johannesburg- A must see!

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So, I landed in Johannesburg in January after spending 10 months in Korea. If you are new to my blog you can read more about my experiences in Korea here. One of my goals this year was to see and experience more of South Africa. Having lived here all my life I think it’s a bit shameful to say that I have not seen half of what my country is and what it has to offer. (Mostly because of crime and some other reasons) So I decided to book a city sightseeing Johannesburg tour.

I booked a tour online via an app called GetYourGuide. GetYourGuide specializes in tours and experiences around the world and provides a rating system for tours and experiences. As soon as I typed in “Johannesburg” a list of tours came up and a City Sightseeing Johannesburg tour came up. I booked the ” Hop on Hop off tour” which costs  R230.00 (about $20) and was very excited to see more of Johannesburg and surrounds. The “GetYourGuide” app is actually really easy to navigate and it’s something that I am finding very useful to use for my travels. Anyway, more about City Sightseeing Johannesburg!

Let’s breakdown what the tour is and where it goes:

Firstly there are two tours that you can book (a green tour and a red tour) There is also an extension to Soweto. Both the green and red tour cost the same amount of money (around $20.00)

The green tour – The green tour goes around the leafy suburbs of Johannesburg and has five interesting and exciting stops. The tour starts in Rosebank and takes the following route.

  • 1. Rosebank
  • 2. Zoo Lake
  • 3. JHB Zoo
  • 4. Military Museum
  • 5. Constitution Hill

The red tour- This tour of city sightseeing Johannesburg kicks off at constitution hill and you will take a transfer to another bus that will continue on a route that discovers more about Johannesburg.

  • 5. Constitution Hill
  • 6. Mining District
  • 7. Carlton Center
  • 8. James Hall Transport Museum
  • 9. Gold Reed City and Casino
  • 10. Apartheid Museum
  • 11. SAB world of beer
  • 12. Braamfontein
  • 13. Constitution Hill

For an additional price of R100 (less than 10 USD), you can upgrade your tour to a two-day tour, which I highly recommend, especially if you are going to “hop- off’ at certain destinations.

When I booked this tour, I started quite late (around 12 pm) and did not get enough time to visit many of the attractions that the place had to offer. I wanted to hop off at many more places but the schedule and the last bus would not have permitted it. Therefore I recommend a full two days to discover what Johannesburg has to offer.

The tour itself

The tour itself starts and in Rosebank. You will receive headphones prior to your departure for audios talking you through the tour. It is advised to carry a bottle of water and have sufficient breakfast in the event that you will not hop off the bus. The tour is available in many European languages which you will find on the Get Your Guide app,(can be downloaded from the website) A security guard will take you to the tourist bus stop where the double-decker bus appears. The tour then proceeds to all the points that are discussed above.

Hopping off

At any of the stops that are mentioned up, you are more than welcome to hop off the bus. There are various buses that pass through the destination where you are located and you are more than welcome to get back on a different bus at a different time. There is a schedule with a map that is given to on a brochure which will give you detailed information about the times, routes and other important info.

At some of the stops, you are required to pay an entrance fee to enter the places. Most places will not be more 10 USD though. I stopped off at the military museum. You can see some pictures from my Instagram here. I also learned many new things that I had not known before (even being a citizen) Therefore, the trip and the audio is filled with a lot of useful and interesting information about Johannesburg. The bus drivers were also very friendly and professional.

If you are spending a few days in Johannesburg, I definitely recommend this City sightseeing Johannesburg tour.

That’s it for this week! Happy travels!








  1. February 21, 2019 / 8:01 pm

    The tour is definitely an awesome one to go on!

    • February 23, 2019 / 3:48 pm

      It really is 🙂 I want to do it again 🙂

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