Henna courses for beginners. Why henna?

Henna courses for beginners. Why henna?

Henna courses for beginners! Have you ever thought about becoming a henna tattoo artist?  Recently, I have taken up a new hobby, learning henna. I was looking for a henna course for beginners and decided to write about my initial journey. I am also developing my brand Cutantirah. It involves natural products which includes henna. In this post  you can read more about henna. It also includes some courses for beginners that are available online.

My personal feel about henna

Getting a henna tattoo is one of the most interesting and expressive things a woman can do in the 21st century. The intricate shapes of the patterns are mesmerizing to the eye. It is also a beautiful and creative art form. We can use henna to express ourselves and the continual change in our lives. My love and appreciation for the art form prompted me to find out what really good henna courses for beginners there are online.

Why henna?

I don’t like the permanency of ink tattoos. Nothing against them,but I often like change. This is why I absoultely love henna. When I was a young girl, many elder indian women used to henna my hands and feet. It was an enjoyable experience. It was a great moment of bonding with women and learning different cultures.  We had great conversations about beauty, culture and food. This is also synonymous with spending time with a henna tattoo artist and getting a henna tattoo.  

The intrigue of henna

The one thing that is really appealing to me about henna is that the designs are different from different parts of the world and the Swirls and the shapes are also unique to each region. 

There are henna patterns of Arabic, Indian, Persian and Turkish descent. The distinct patterns and lines show the history of the culture that is the final design of the henna tattoo. How amazing and beautiful to show off an adornment so intricately drawn and expressive of a woman’s body and nature? I am a big fan of expression, freedom, beauty and change. This is one of the most exciting times of my life as I learn to become a qualified and professional henna artist.  If you don’t know anything about henna don’t worry! I am writing a lot about it.  This will help you understand henna more intricately. You can read about the origin of henna here. http://serenapillay.com/henna/henna-origin-where-does-it-really-come-from 

What is henna?

The word Henna has its origin in the Arabic word Al-Hinna. In botanical terms, it is Lawsonia Enermis, a plant which grows to be 4 to 8 feet high in hot climates and can be found in Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Persia, Morocco, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Senegal, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, and India. The leaves, flowers and the twigs of the plant are ground into a fine powder containing natural dyeing properties called tannins; the powder is then mixed with hot water.

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Various shades are procured by mixing henna with the leaves and fruit of other plants, such as indigo, tea, coffee, cloves and lemon. The resulting paste is often used as a hair dye. During hot weather, henna acts as a cooling agent when applied to the palms of the hands and the bottoms of the feet. When used in decorative body art, sugar and oil are also added to the mixture to strengthen the color and longevity of design.

While henna is known by many names including HenneAl-Khanna, Jamaica Mignonette, Egyptian Privet and Smooth Lawsonia, the art of its application is referred to as Henna (Arabic) or Mendhi (Hindu).

Henna Courses for beginners

I am taking a course online from Asha Salva. It is a course for beginners and there are regular 30 minute sessions once a week. The course is challenging and you need to get your hand accustomed to using a cone. Alternatively, if you contact a henna tattoo artist that is willing to teach you how to do henna. There are many henna courses for beginners available online. You can check out Asha Salva’s courses here : http://ashasavla.com

If you are in Seoul, I am working together with Sonali Henna. She also provides courses to learn henna. If would like to contact her you can message her here: https://www.instagram.com/sonalihenna In the weeks to come Sonali and I will be working together and we hope that you will be joining us if you are in and around South Korea.

Yours in intricately shaped henna designs,




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