How to keep skin hydrated naturally with just two ingredients.

How to keep skin hydrated naturally with just two ingredients.

How to keep your skin hydrated naturally? Struggling with dry skin, pigmentation and stretch marks? I’ve found a really helpful solution.

Firstly, In my last post I wrote about how Argan oil is  helping my face. It’s improving the tone, texture as well as the overall appearance. (It’s just about a week now, but I definitely think I am going to give up my other chemically induced skin care products. It is also helping to lock in the moisture and condition my dry hair. I use it before I heat style and my hair is very shiny. 

If you didn’t read that post you can check it out here:


There is also a report on the benefits of Argan oil which is really awesome and why it is so beneficial for your hair and skin. I personally really prefer natural products to all the chemically induced stuff that is out there because I feel as though our lives are best lived organically as much as possible. Also, if you move around from country to country it won’t be that difficult to find. 

What did my skin look like a week ago?  (Before I started this regime)

Firstly I am NOT A SKINNY GIRL and I have all the regular ailments that tan girls have from genetics (such as pigmentation, stretch marks, cellulite and other skin irregularities) on my body. My skin looked dull and my knees were quite dark. My stretch marks were pronounced with no visible sign of reduction.

So what am I doing daily to better improve my skin tone on my body? Well the regime that I am currently doing takes about fifteen minutes. Let’s take a look at what you need firstly.

What do you need?


A dry body brush. I prefer a really small body brush because I like to access all the areas of my body and have a firm grip. I found this website that states all the different kinds of body brushes that you can buy.


I mix two products namely:

  1. Argan oil
  2. Aloe vera gel

In my previous post I explained the benefits of Argan oil on the skin. However, what about aloe gel? Aloe gel is actually one of the most nutritious foods for your skin . The gel contains most of the bioactive compounds in the plant, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. These two ingredients combined are a great way to keep your skin hydrated naturally!

Medical News today provided me a great deal of information as to why Aloe vera is a great choice for skin health and you can read more about why I chose aloe gel here:

I usually mix around 20 ml of argan oil into a jar of aloe vera gel. You can definitely add more if you like. I just chose an amount that feels best for the texture of the gel and oil mixed. (if you are in South Korea the price of Aloe Gel is really inexpensive and can last quite a long time.)

The routine – How to keep your skin hydrated naturally.

So I am about a week into this routine and basically it involves a series of dry brushing and massage.

  • Dry brushing

Before getting into the shower dry brush your skin starting at your feet with upward towards your heart. Dry brush the darker parts of your skin such as your knees and elbows (or any area that you feel requires a lot more attention as compared to the rest of your body) It usually takes me around 5 minutes to dry brush my entire body. Then hop into the shower and bath as usually. The effects of dry brushing on skin health has been documented and is also a good way to keep skin hydrated naturally. Read more about the benefits of dry brushing here:

  •  Massage 

When you get out of the shower use the concoction of both the aloe vera as well as the argan oil and massage it into your skin and make sure to spend more time on the problem areas, massaging in circular motions to make sure that the massage action penetrates deep into the skin. Make sure that you spend around 5- 7 minutes really massaging the mixture into your skin.

The results!

I have to say that my skin is super silky, soft and shiny. It glows. I want to check the results after a month and report back!  I am really happy with the way my skin feels with this routine and I think that it is also inexpensive and doesn’t take very long. It feels like silk and this is not an exaggeration. I really love natural products and routines that don’t take too long and I find that this is a great way to keep skin hydrated naturally using just two ingredients.

Should you try it?

If you have pigmentation, skin that is not soft enough or just want to improve the texture and appearance I definitely think that you should try out this routine. Also, it is really honestly making my stretch marks smaller and lighter. If you want to see some pics you can contact me. I have been doing this regime twice daily for about a week now. I like it because it does not take too long and I am definitely seeing results. Follow this advice if you really want to know how to keep your skin hydrated naturally with just two ingredients.  There are definitely scientific benefits linked to the products as well as to dry-brushing and massage action and of course I can vouch for it myself.

Disclaimer: Also, this is just my advice and I am sharing what is working for me and my skin. (I write in hopes that it will work for you too!)

Love and light as always!







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