How to fix dry hair and skin naturally? Try this!

How to fix dry hair and skin naturally? Try this!

Are you struggling with dry hair like me 🙁 I recently discovered the most amazing natural oil that is really good for both skin and dry hair. Most of the time, my hair is under a straightener or hair dryer because my hair is naturally wavy and I prefer it straight. I have tried many different kinds of oils over the years. Coconut, almond, olive oil and grape seed oil, because the ends of my hair end up really dry.

Since coming to South Korea (and maybe having a little extra cash) I decided to try a different kind of oil, Argan oil!

Now, I am obviously not an expert on all the many different kinds of oils in the world. However, I managed to do some research. I found a research paper from the International Journal of Molecular Sciences written by Prof. Abdelfettah Derouiche and Dr. Ali Jafri: ‘Review of the Therapeutic benefits of Argan oil’. It is a 41-page report that tracks the benefits of Argan oil. It indicates the benefits on both the environment, as well as culinary and cosmetic (that is the beneficial effects for human consumption. ) Until I read the entirety of this paper I didn’t really know how beneficial argan oil really is. I have shared the link below of the paper if you would also like to see how beneficial this oil really is: please read it!

What improvements have I seen so far?

So, now in terms of how this oil is for my skin I can personally tell you that my skin has never felt better (we will discuss the scientific reasons why below. I have only been using it for about 4 days and I can already see the benefits. Firstly my skin is softer, smoother and the skin tone is a lot more even. I also have some scarring from premenstrual acne on the sides of my face and it is being reduced.(Just in four days!) I have an even better secret for my body, but I think I will share it with you in my next post!

What about my dry hair? Well, as for my hair I have really dry hair, particularly at the ends. I have decided to apply it every day all over my hair.  My hair is much softer and shinier after the initial application and I also add some on after I use a GHD or hair dryer.I will report back in a month to discuss if there are any more benefits.

I prefer using Argan oil because it is a dry oil. It does not leave your face or hair looking and feeling greasy and oily. Which is super amazing since you don’t need to look like a grease-barbie special that just walked out of a fast food joint. This is what I like the most as compared to other natural oils.


Here is a pic of me without any make-up on. You can see the slight acne scarring on the sides of my face.DRY HAIR

So why is argan oil so beneficial for the skin and hair?

 Argan Oil is produced from kernel fruit of the argan tree that is endemic in Morocco. Firstly, 99% of argan oil is made of triglycerides (45% of oleic acid and 34% of linoleic acid), whereas the remaining 1% contains very active biological compounds such as Vitamine E, Carotenoïds, Sterols) and Polyphenols.

Now I had to do SO MUCH RESEARCH TO FIND OUT WHY THIS IS MAKING MY SKIN LOOK SO GOOD and I found it on another blog site.

But first here is the short answer as to why regarding the composition:


You may have heard of omega-9 fatty acids and not oleic acid, but the two are the same thing: a fat that your body produces. (In fact, it’s even found in human sebum.) … but why does that matter when it comes to skin care?

Locks in Intense, Rich Moisture Oleic acid is a godsend for dry, aging skin since it penetrates easily and deeply into the skin’s surface, replenishing lost moisture that naturally comes with age. It also helps the moisture from evaporating. Remember: Without oil, your skin becomes dry, meaning it becomes that much more vulnerable to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and losing its bounciness. Oleic acid can restore this oil—without clogging pores.

Boasts Antioxidant Powers to Fight Off Wrinkles Oleic acid comprises antioxidant compounds that help fight free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors like UV rays, the top trigger of premature ageing.  By minimizing free radicals in skin, so too is the manifestation of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, sagging and other unwanted features.

Promotes Healing and Repairing As an anti-inflammatory substance that simulates wound healing, oleic acid can also help calm, balance and help repair skin, even those with damaged conditions like eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. Oleic acid also contains compounds that reinforce the integrity of cell membranes.


Linoleic acid, also known as omega-6, is not produced by our own bodies, but it plays also plays a role in healthy skin. It’s a fat that helps promote healthy cell activity. Like oleic acid, linoleic acid is anti-inflammatory and helps stimulate cell regeneration—but the major difference when it comes skin care? It’s not quite as penetrating and moisturizing as oleic acid.

I found this useful information regarding oils on:

So those two oils are actually doing my skin and dry hair the greatest good, but what about the remaining 1 percent?

The remaining fraction of this oil is mainly rich in antioxidant compounds such as sterols, saponin and phenolic compounds. All these ingredients display anti-ageing properties as well as remove potentially damaging oxidizing agents in a living organism. (If you don’t understand the scientific drama, just know that it  just means that this oil is really good for your skin!)

A good way to stay youthful?

So, to everyone who keeps guessing my age wrong thank you so much! I hope that this oil helps me to stay as youthful as ever.  If it does I hope that it can help you to retain youth as well. 🙂 I definitely think that it is worth trying, since it is really helping my skin!

What about on my body?

I also use Argan oil on my body, but I want to share that with you in another blog post! If you are interested in knowing which brands I use, you can shoot me a message or comment below! Are you struggling with dry hair?  What do you use?   How is it helping you? Are you going to try argan oil? Tell me!

Also, credit to the sites I used that help me write this blog post!

Much love as always!




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